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Qlustar Partner Program launched

Q-Leap Networks announces the launch of the global Qlustar partner program and encourages applications by companies, universities or non-profit organizations that are active in the HPC or related fields. In the following we will answer the most relevant questions about the program.

What is the purpose of the program?

The goal of the partner program is to establish a Qlustar eco-system that will have benefits for all participants. By addressing most aspects and phases in the life-cycle of a cluster system (implementation, testing, application tuning, maintenance), we aim to make Qlustar clusters a standardized solution and seamless experience for both administrators and users of a Qlustar system as well as companies providing components based on or for Qlustar. Furthermore we expect the program to enhance discussion between the partners on general HPC topics with the result of bringing up ideas for mostly required new features and leading to the improvement of Qlustar as a whole.

Who can join?

The program is designed for organizations/companies that are engaged in the Linux HPC, Cloud, Storage cluster segment. Companies offering ready-to-run clusters (so-called integrators), independent software vendors providing applications for HPC clusters and the HPC department within IT centers of larger universities or research institutions are particularly suitable for the program. Initially, the number of Academic/non-profit partners is limited to 5. They should have significant prior experience in the operation of HPC or storage clusters. Since we appreciate cultural/geographical diversity, we prefer that these 5 partners represent different countries/continents.

What are your benefits?

All partners
  • Visibility: Q-Leap will have a section for featured partners on the Qlustar web site.
  • Early information on where Qlustar is heading.
  • Possible implementation of Qlustar custom features.
  • Possible influence on the priority of new Qlustar features already on the road-map.
Cluster Integrators
  • Provided the necessary criteria (a number of successfully implemented projects, sufficient technical know-how, etc.) are met, a company can be listed as a Qlustar certified integrator. This will give your potential customers reassurance that you're the right company to build and support a Qlustar cluster.
  • Training sessions specifically targeted to your needs.
  • Consulting on cluster design and proven hardware configurations.
  • Dedicated support channel.
ISV partners
  • Advice on how to optimize application performance and usability on Qlustar.
  • Dedicated support channel.
Academic/non-profit partners
  • Significant discounts on subscription fees.
  • Early access to new Qlustar features/releases.

How can we join?

Use the contact form, specify your company/organization details and describe what kind of partnership you envision. We'll get back to you asap with further info about how to proceed.

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