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Q-Leap - The company behind Qlustar

Introducing QlusZio SDS Appliances

In close cooperation with its partners, Q-Leap is proud to introduce its new family of QlusZio software-defined storage appliances. QlusZio systems are turn-key storage clusters built using Qlustar DataStack components on top of certified hardware from our partners. They are the perfect building block for scalable, performant and highly-available clustered storage. Offering the choice to run parallel filesystems like BeeGFS and Lustre, block storage systems like Ceph or native iSCSI and finally S3 object storage via Ceph, leaves nothing to be desired. Employing ZFS as storage backend, data safety and integrity comes for granted. In short: QlusZio systems are rock solid .

QlusZio and QluMan make it dead-easy to increase capacity and performance of your solution without downtime. Be it adding servers, disks or clients, every component is designed for scalability. Once necessary, hardware extensions may be integrated without effort.

We provide Cluster Knowhow you can rely on
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